Hometown: Nashville, TN
University: Franciscan University of Steubenville
Major:  Elementary Education
Perpetual Vows Date: August 5, 2012
Years Professed: 11 years
Where do you serve now:

Most Holy Trinity Middle School

Phoenix, AZ
How did you find out about SOLT:  My next door neighbor my freshman year of college is a cousin of Susie George, a SOLT lay member. Through my friend, Nettie, I met Fr. Scott Brathaen and Fr. Mark Wendling, who were newly professed brothers at the time.  Fr. Mark's friendship brought me to SOLT. 
How did God call you:  God called, and called and called and called. I felt called for many years, but it was really as I started to learn how to give myself to God in prayer that I was able to respond. I even tried to give a year in the missions (serving as a first grade teacher on the Turtle Mountain reservation) to get the vocation "out of my system." By September of that year I knew I was home.  
Favorite part of mission life:  I love serving on an ecclesial team with the other vocations, it strengthens me in my own. My students make me laugh everyday, and  I love seeing my students come closer to Christ and embrace the faith for their own. 

Sr. Mary Claire, SOLT

Hometown: Plainview, Minnesota 
University: The College of St. Benedict 
Major: Social Work
Perpetual Vows Date: December 12th, 2006
Years Professed: 17 years
Where do you serve now:

Regional Sister Servant

Corpus Christi, TX
How did you find out about SOLT: I volunteered in Belize after college in 1996-97
How did God call you: I was dating an amazing man named Jon.  We had met in college and dated 4 years. I wanted to do something 'exciting and missionary' before getting married, so I went to Belize! (Isn't that what everyone does?) It was there that I met some amazing young Catholics who taught me more about my faith and encouraged me to ask God what His will was for my life. And, after crying a lot, (because let's face it, breaking up is hard) I said yes to Jesus I am!
Favorite part of mission life: I deeply enjoy walking with others as they discover God's love. I'm often inspired by the unique ways Jesus reveals Himself to those He pursues. My favorite memories of mission involve authentic friendships built on laughter and tears. 

Sr. Mary Emmanuel, SOLT
Sr Kateri Marie, SOLT

Hometown: Buffalo, NY 
University: Franciscan University of Steubenville
Major: Education
Perpetual Vows Date: May 24th, 2014
Years Professed: 9 years
Where do you serve now:

Most Holy Redeemer School

Detroit, Michigan
How did you find out about SOLT: at Franciscan University and then volunteering at the ND SOLT mission
How did God call you: As I was praying in front of the blessed sacrament in adoration I heard Jesus say, "I want you to be a religious sister."   I was unsure if that really was from the Lord, but through spiritual direction and prayer God revealed more deeply to my heart that this was the call He had for me.  Then the more I prayed about religious life it brought me peace and joy.
Favorite part of mission life: Being able to share Jesus with others.  I am able to talk about Him in religion class and with people that I encounter throughout the day.

Sr. Mary Elizabeth, SOLT

Hometown: Silver Lake, Kansas 
University: Benedictine College
Major: English & Mass Communications
Perpetual Vows Date:  May 29th, 2014
Years Professed: 9 years
Where do you serve now:

Sisters Vocations Director

Seattle, Washington

How did you find out about SOLT:  One of my brothers told me about an opportunity to serve as a missionary teacher with SOLT in Belize after graduation from university.
How did God call you: Although I felt very much at home almost from the first moment of arriving in Belize, I didn't begin to consider the possibility of a vocation to consecrated life until my second year as a volunteer.  Witnessing the beauty of the life of prayer, service and community within SOLT, it all just seemed to "fit" and feel like family.  At the advice of Fr. Mark Wendling, I read Vita Consecrata and begin to pray more deeply about religious life, until one day in adoration, I experienced Jesus in the Eucharist inviting me to become his spouse, to which I could only respond, "Yes!"
Favorite part of mission life: Being at home wherever I am assigned.

Sr. Mary Rachel, SOLT

Hometown: Robstown, TX 
University: Franciscan University of Steubenville, Turtle Mountain Community College, Lake Region State College
Major: Associate of Arts in General Studies (to be completed in May!)
Perpetual Vows Date:  Summer 2020!  God willing!
Years Professed: I'm in my 4th year.
Where do you serve now:

Turtle Mountain Reservation, North Dakota

How did you find out about SOLT:  My parents are Definitive Lay Members of Our Lady's Society.  They moved to begin lay formation in Kansas City just before I was born!  So, my family has served in mission in Our Lady's Society my entire life!
How did God call you: God called me through living in mission with my SOLT family.  Witnessing their dedication, joy, and zeal was the call to my own heart to give my life to Christ and the Church in the same way!  I was especially drawn by how a consecrated person sticks out like a signpost pointing to Jesus, to something greater than oneself.
Favorite part of mission life: Encountering people in all levels of life as a spiritual mother.  People are often willing to go deeper and also be very vulnerable around a sister, whether it's children asking why Jesus on a crucifix has blood on him, or adults asking for prayers for personal and family situations.  I also love how this spiritual motherhood carries over on the level of the team, too, to priests and to laity.

Sr. Mary Joy, SOLT

Hometown: Canby, OR 
University: Franciscan University of Steubenville
Major: Theology and Catechetics
Perpetual Vows Date: July 11th, 2017
Years Professed: 7 years
Where do you serve now:

Coordinator of Faith Formation

Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church

Phoenix, AZ
How did you find out about SOLT: After my sophomore year I was looking for a way to do volunteer work for a summer, and ended up serving at the SOLT mission on the Turtle Mountain Reservation in North Dakota.  It was a transformative experience for me and I kept going back! 
How did God call you: After that first summer of mission work, I knew I loved the SOLT community, but I thought I might be a lay missionary.  That fall, I attended a retreat and one night in the chapel, I experienced a strong sense of a call to be a sister in Our Lady's Society.  I wrestled with my vocation for a while, but God continued to confirm this call, and to show me that this was the path He desired for me.  After graduating, I returned to North Dakota and served as a youth minister before entering the convent. 
Favorite part of mission life: I love seeing Christ work in people's lives, and I love that I get to be a part of His work!  It's exciting to see people growing in their faith and their openness to God. 

Sr. Miriam James, SOLT

Hometown: Woodland, WA
University: University of Nevada-Reno
Major: Communications

Graduate School: Augustine Institute

Major: Theology
Perpetual Vows Date: December 8th, 2007
Years Professed: 20 years
Where do you serve now:

General Council for Sisters

Abiding Together Podcast

Speaking nationally and internationally on Christ's healing power, beauty, the feminine genius, forgiveness and mercy, authentic love and conversion, the dignity and beauty of woman

How did you find out about SOLT: a SOLT priest who was friends with my family.
How did God call you: As my heart began to awaken and my desires for something more began to grow, I met a priest from SOLT, I was suffering immensely from the weight of sin and bad decisions and this priest knew that, but he never shamed me. He inspired me to grow by the example of his life — a life of true and authentic love of God.”

Sr. Mary Aloysius, SOLT

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
University: University of Kansas
Major: Pharmacy
Perpetual Vows Date:  July 16th, 2011
Years Professed: 12 years
Where do you serve now:

At the Generalate in Corpus Christi, Texas

How did you find out about SOLT:  I met our seminarians on a pilgrimage
How did God call you: I realized my call when I was about 7 years old. My aunt is a nun and I naturally grew up around many priests and sisters. It was a deep sense of knowing that I belonged to God alone even at that young age.  When I went to college, I fell away from my faith and was away from the Church for about 10 years. In my late 20s, I encountered God in a profound way and came back to the Catholic Church and with that, my vocation to the consecrated life came back as well.
Favorite part of mission life: Joy and peace of knowing that I am part of His mission.

Sr. Mary Mediatrix
of All Grace, SOLT

Hometown: Lebanon, OH
University: Butler University
Major: Pharmacy
Perpetual Vows Date:  July 16th, 2011
Years Professed: 12 years
Where do you serve now:

SOLT Development Office

Corpus Christi, Texas

How did you find out about SOLT:  When I was discerning, my brother learned about SOLT at the seminary he attended. Once he told me about ecclesial family teams and the possibility of being a member of the same community as my brother, I decided to discern SOLT.
How did God call you: While praying the rosary with a group of people, I received a grace that I knew how much God loved me and I had to respond to His love. Through praying the daily rosary, Our Lady helped me grow in the life of prayer and relationship to Jesus. It took a bit of time to realize where God was calling me, but after a discernment retreat with another community, I realized I should finish college first. Following graduation and after getting involved in the parish, the desire to respond to the call returned and I visited SOLT during their annual assembly. I joined the community one month later!
Favorite part of mission life: It has been a joy for me to get to know other cultures in a missionary community. The universal family of God is beautiful!

Sr. Mary Elizabeth, SOLT

Sisters Vocations


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