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We're in Belize!!

Headed out from Houston


We finally made it to Belize! It is so amazing being in this beautiful country after praying for the people and anticipating our mission these past few months. That being said we had an adventurous sneak peak of what Belize has to offer. We started the day with Adoration and Sunday Mass in town. Shortly there after we met the year-long missionaries and had lunch with them and they were also our fundraising coaches along this process. Lunch was amazing…ALL THE FOOD HERE IS AMAZING. Next, it was time to make our trip to hike the Mayan ruins. When we made it to the top you could not only see the Belizean beautiful countryside but you could truly see God’s handy-work. However, the best part of the day was beginning our three-day youth retreat: Relentless Father, in the evening. The first day was a huge success! I think I can speak for the rest of my fellow missionaries that our favorite part of the day was meeting everyone and diving into mission.


Personally, I loved everything about today. The ruins were beautiful! You could see Guatemala from the top too. However, I am all of five feet tall so climbing steps that were about as tall as me was a feat in itself, but I did it! The retreat was amazing! The people here are unbelievable and unapologetically honest. I am so excited for the next two days of the retreat to see what is in store and what growth will come for the youth of Belize.

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