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We started our day off with Mass, ate a Belizean breakfast and headed down to our first day of helping build a house for a family in Benque. When we showed up we met the family, and then we worked as a team for a few hours to construct the walls of their new home. When we got back we had a short break to relax then headed into preparing for the catechesis class that we will be holding for the primary school children. After all the fun of practicing our skits, dance moves and collecting arts and crafts materials, we sat down and ate a delicious dinner. Before we wrapped up the day we had the second night of our youth retreat where we learned that Jesus is the face of the Father’s love. Both speakers tonight gave testimonies that I felt really impacted the youth. These talks both led to the highlight of the day: Adoration and Confession. Many of the participants took full advantage of having the presence of God before them and this created a very fruitful holy hour.


Today was a super fruitful day! Being apart of helping build a home for such a lovely family was awesome. Preparing the dances and the catechesis class made me super excited to meet the small class of 8 and 9 year olds I’ll be helping teach tomorrow. Adoration and Confession were both super impactful to me and was incredible to experience with everyone who attended! I can’t wait to see what God has in store for all of us tomorrow!

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