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Our Longest Best Day


This wonderful day was a long one! We started with a holy hour and mass early in the morning, praying alongside the year-long missionaries as we prepared for our catechesis. We headed out to schools at Arenal and Calla Creek, where we taught about the Creation Story with a skit, song and dance, and classroom sessions. I got to work with 9 year olds, where we prayed over and talked about Adam and Eve. I think their favorite part went afterward, though, when I brought out a soccer ball and schooled them out on their field at recess! After that, we headed over to the house to finish framing the walls and starting on the roof – that got cut a little short as a tropical midday storm soaked us to the bone. After showering up and enjoying a delicious meal, we held our last Youth Night where we talked about the power of the Holy Spirit, prayed with the kids, and bonded over some Mango Tang with the wonderful students of Mt. Carmel High School. We finished the night with some prayer and reflection, and we’ll get some rest before another long and fantastic day tomorrow!


How could the longest day be the best yet? We dealt with the hottest and wettest weather yet, and got almost no time to relax, but the entire group was super productive and had so much fun the whole time. Writing this, I can say we’re all exhausted, but we’re so inspired by the work we are doing and can’t wait for tomorrow to start. The little adventures, the moving spiritual experiences, and the chocolate-covered bananas are all fuel for this productive and incredible mission.

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