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Not Made for Comfort

"The world offers you comfort. But you were not made for comfort.

You were made for greatness."

Pope Benedict XVI


This amazing day started with a beautiful Mass over the rising sun against the view of Benque. Being here has truly made me see God in all things even the incredible humidity. After some wonderful Belizean breakfast we headed to our schools both in Arenal and Calla Creek to teach the story of Moses and the Ten Commandments to all the children. They all truly have such a joy and happiness like I have never seen and its so inspiring to all of us. After a full game of futbol we headed back to grab some lunch and headed straight to continue building the family’s home. We started to build the beginnings of the roof when yet another tropical storm headed our way and had us all drenched in minutes. After a long ride in a car that smells like rain and so much sweat we spent some time with our gracious Lord contemplating all that he has done for us and the many blessings he continues to shower over us day in and day out. Immediately following that we headed to have dinner with the year-long missionaries at a place called Benny’s Kitchen, that had one of the best meals in which we all devoured. After that we headed back to the parish hall at the Church and had “Super Missionary Night Prayer.” This was a time for friendship, testimony and many many prayers. Today was yet another hard, long yet joyful and blessed day for us all.


Today like any other day that I have been here has brought me more laughter and joy than I could ever imagine having. I see God in all the work that we do, whether it’s in the kids offering me a snack and calling me Miss, or us dancing in the rain at the work site. All of these little adventures, friendships that have been built, and of course choco-bananas have had us all in love with the Lord more and more. Today was another great experience filled with so many blessings; God has been so so good!

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