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Battle Scars :)


We started the day bright and early at 6:30am with Mass up at Chapel Hill where we are staying. After eating breakfast we headed off to the schools in Calla Creek and Arenal for our last day there. We came back for lunch and then went to work on our family's house. We were able to put the very beginning part of the roof up, which was exciting because we had been working on that part of the roof for a couple days. Half of us stopped working on the house early to go visit a family here in Benque. We brought them each gifts from the donations we brought, such as school supplies, clothes, and age-appropriate toys. It was beautiful to be able to spend time with the whole family at their home and see a glimpse into their lives. We then met up with the rest of the group at Chapel Hill for dinner...which was tamales! After an evening holy hour most of us went to play soccer in a town over called Succotz. We played on a turf field, the “synthetica,” similar to an indoor field but without a roof. A bunch of local Belizeans we’ve gotten to know came and some yearlong SOLT missionaries too. Though our team had four players who never play soccer plus Fr. Mark and felt a little bit like David facing Goliath, like we had taught the children that day at school, we still managed to win a game!


It was amazing to see the relationships we were able to cultivate with the children at school in just a few days. Many of us went from feeling pretty uncertain in the classroom on the first day with shy children, to nothing but loving it on the third day! Visiting the family was inspiring. Though they have so few material possessions, they were so grateful for everything they do have and filled with trust in our Lord that he will always provide. Soccer was super fun and definitely a high for the day, though it came with a few battle scars: one player broke a toe and another got two soccer ball sized bruises! But parents: no need to fret, we are all okay JThis trip proves day and day again to be nothing less than the best in every way!

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